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What can the RIGHT website do for you?

Wish your website was an authentic reflection of you? As a healing professional (therapist, counselor, massage therapist, naturopath, energy worker) your clients are out there waiting for you to reach out, speak to them and share your knowledge with them. They are searching for YOU, somebody they can trust and somebody who understands them. By practicing authenticity in your own life and private practice you will develop lasting and loyal relationships with your clients.

What does your website say about you?

Don't like the term "selling yourself", but would love to Help more clients? digitalSwan offers a unique combination of web design and coaching programs to get you focused on YOU. Become clear, focused and move forward on a path unique to you. Once you have personal clarity, you can effortlessly continue on your journey to becoming a conscious business owner and a more powerful healing professional. Business doesn't need to be heart-less. In fact, what you do is all about having heart.

Want a dynamic website that you have full control over?

Sharolyn Wandzura at digitalSwan Coaching is your partner in finding your authentic voice so you can stand in your power and help your clients. First impressions count and many of your clients will find you on the web. Make sure you are clearly showing who you are and what you have to offer. The next step is to give you full control to say what you want to say whenever you need to say it!

Do these words sound like a foreign language?

Twitter, blog, HTML, LinkedIn, pod casts...

Don’t worry! Together we will:

  • Discover your TRUE self and online needs.
  • Create a website YOU can update.
  • Develop a system for sharing your expertise.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then digitalSwan Coaching is for you! Call Sharolyn 604.623.4888 today to set up a FREE "Pulse of your Practice" consultation.

Stressed just thinking about your website?
Go from stressed to zen with Sharolyn at digitalSwan Coaching.